Using your Al-Kitaab online course

Choose a course component

You can use the tabs at the top of the screen to select a course component, such as exercises or glossaries.

Navigating within your books

You can navigate through a book by using the navigation arrows or the Table of Contents.

Navigation Arrows
The <<  and  >> links allow you to browse the previous and subsequent pages, respectively.

Table of Contents
You can jump to a section within any lesson by selecting it from the Table of Contents displayed in the far right column of your screen.

Completing Activities

Click on an activity link within your book to complete that activity. In some cases, you need to click Submit after you complete an activity so that your score is recorded in your instructor's gradebook. You can view your results by clicking My Tools and selecting Results.


Click My Tools and select Calendar to view your assignments for the current week, along with any important notes from your instructor. You can click a date in any week on the calendar to see that week's notes and assignments, and you can move to a different month using the arrows. Click an assignment to access it.


Click My Tools and select Assignment Listto view a list of assigned activities. The assignments page will show you the activities you have completed, the activities that have been assigned, and their corresponding due dates.


Click My Tools and select Announcementsto view your instructor's message board. Instructors typically use the message board to post assignments or to notify students of important information. Consult with your instructor to learn how the message board is used in your course.


Click My Tools and select Results to view the results of activities you have completed.

Voice Board

Click My Tools and select Voice Board to participate in partnered activities with other students. The Voice Board opens in a new window. This feature is not available for all courses.

System Requirements

For details on Al-Kitaab Companion Site's system requirements, click here.